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We are in the final days of buying our house after months and months of looking and months and months of frantically calling Anne. I have just left her office, taking care of some final paperwork I had. The night before had been spent tearing the house apart, one person yelling from upstairs, “Have you seen that red box with my important papers in it?” just to have the other respond, “I don’t know what box you’re talking about.  Do you know where that pile of papers is that I put under the kitchen chair?  That was our bank statements.”  I arrived in Anne’s serene office with a stack of papers, announcing, “I hope I have everything . . .”  And this is what I appreciate about Anne.  She just smiled and said, “Let’s see what you have.”  Although I was incredibly disorganized and barely getting this mess to her in time, she never seemed irritated or made me feel bad for my untidy organizational ways.  I left that day and walked to my truck in the parking lot. Still missing one W-2, I opened the truck door and slid the seat forward. I reached between the seat and the console and sure enough, there it was. I went directly back into the office and proudly handed Anne the elusive W-2.  “In your truck?” she asked.  “Yep,” I replied, and she laughed. 


This is one instance of many when Anne took what I had and took care of business. I never worried about things on her end. When I wanted to put an offer on a house at 7pm and needed some numbers, she answered her phone, punched some numbers and let me know what I could afford. When I called upset because the insurance agent wanted something I didn’t have, she simply said, “That’s not for you to worry about. That’s why I’m here.”  And she took care of it.  She made the whole process incredibly smooth and calm and was always direct and honest.  She didn’t mind explaining things as many times as I needed in order for me to completely understand something, knowing that it is important to be well-informed. And if something didn’t seem right she investigated it and made me feel like my questions and thoughts were important. I felt like she went above and beyond in order to make this entire process easy and exciting for me.  And that was just what I needed. 


We move into our new place in two weeks and are incredibly excited.  With all the chaos involved with moving, though, I needed one more favor from Anne. This is when I found out how far her graciousness and organization extend.  “Anne, I lost my wallet . . . Do you know what my driver’s license number is?”  And, of course, she did. Thanks Anne! 


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