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I can't say enough about Anne Viola-Krause to do her and her work justice. I was certainly not an easy client given my situation, my financial naiveté, and my skepticism. From the beginning, Anne walked a careful and consistent line that demonstrated she was both a professional expert and a conscientious human being. Her demeanor and her attention to detail enlisted my trust and confidence in our partnership. After four months of miraculously finding creative alternatives to further our progress despite many obstacles, Anne succeeded in procuring a new mortgage with a low fixed rate, requiring no out-of-pocket expenditures, and decreasing my monthly payments by twenty percent! She was advocating for me even during our closing appointment, making sure the details were accurate and even catching an oversight that would have complicated the transfer of ownership to my partner in the event of my untimely death. 


Four months ago I was at a crossroad. Had Anne not appeared when she did, I know I would be in a very different place than I am today. I also believe that even if this endeavor had not resulted in such a fortuitous way, I would've still come away from the experience with gratitude. Anne did more than provide me with a manageable mortgage and renewed hope for the future.  She proved that it's not always necessary to fiercely protect from others the most precious components of my life.

I am extremely proud to highly recommend Anne Viola-Krause. She is the epitome of quality.


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