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Over eighteen years of experience, locally owned/operated, excellent customer service.



As a broker, I offer a variety of home loans to fit your specific needs. I will evaluate your complete financial picture to help determine an optimal financing option for you.

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About Me

Anne Viola-Krause grew up in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, dreaming of a life near the sea. That dream came true in 2005 when she moved to Portland. She enjoys escaping to the tranquility of the Oregon Coast but is always appreciative for the ability to get her snow fix up at Mt Hood as well. She values Portland’s unique sense of community with big city offerings.

Anne is passionate about sports, soccer in particular. She began playing soccer at age five and continues to play in women leagues around town. She appreciates that Portland is such a soccer city and is lucky enough to have a men’s and women’s pro team here. As fate would have it, soccer also brought Anne together with her wife in 2004, where they met at a tournament in Seattle.

When she is not playing soccer, most of her time is spent chasing her daughters around. As a family, they love exploring their Westmoreland/Sellwood neighborhood by foot/bike/scooter. Anne has served on non-profit boards and currently volunteers at her neighborhood elementary school. She is a long-time proud sponsor of Portland’s lesbian dragon boat team, the Amazon Dragons Paddling Club.

Anne vividly recalls purchasing her first home as a young adult, which inspired her initially to get into this profession back in 2005. She appreciates that the home buying process can be intimidating and complex and every home purchase is unique to each client. With a background in accounting and bookkeeping, Anne breaks down the numbers for you in a way you can easily understand. She is thorough, patient, diligent and highly committed to her clients. In fact, she is often told that she has a naturally calming demeanor, which is invaluable in keeping the process as positive and stress free as possible. Regardless if you are purchasing a home for the first (or fifth) time or refinancing, Anne will be by your side every step of the way!

About Me

Broker Vs. Banker

Mortgage Broker

  • A *transparent educator working for the consumer versus one retail lender, with independence allowing for wholesale lender competition and choice.                      *trans·par·ent – having thoughts, feelings, or motives that are easily perceived.  The ability to see-through.

  • Usually specializing and only offers mortgage services, non-depository.

  • Multiple wholesale lenders and programs – full brokerage only.

  • Works and shops exclusively for the consumer without priority to any lender or pass-through line of credit.

  • Loan Officers must take entry-level and continuing education.

  • Most advanced platform, requiring a high level of experience.

  • With controlled costs, we believe this is the most favorable channel for consumers on pricing and programs.

Mortgage Banker

  • An *ambiguous sales person working for and representing one retail lender, rather than the consumer.                                          *am·big·u·ous– unclear or inexact because a choice between alternatives has not been made.

  • Usually a depository in some fashion with other products and services.

  • Typically only one or very few lending source or limited options which may result in higher rates and fees due to operational costs/lack of comparison.

  • Loan Officers may not be required to take entry-level or continuing education.

  • Loan Officer represents the bank rather than the consumer.

Broker Vs. Banker

Client Testimonials

Evelyn & John M

We have had the good fortune to work with you twice in the last four years. You handled our original mortgage when we moved to Oregon and then completed a refinance for us.


Mortgage applications require painstaking detail and a thoroughness that most of us can’t approach. You not only covered all the bases to make the process smooth and easy, but also kept us calm and positive until the last “t” was crossed. Your explanations were always clear, information was timely, and we never had a doubt about the outcome.



Ann M

I can't say enough about Anne Viola-Krause to do her and her work justice. I was certainly not an easy client given my situation, my financial naiveté, and my skepticism. From the beginning, Anne walked a careful and consistent line that demonstrated she was both a professional expert and a conscientious human being. Her demeanor and her attention to detail enlisted my trust and confidence in our partnership.


Katie H

We are in the final days of buying our house after months and months of looking and months and months of frantically calling Anne. I have just left her office, taking care of some final paperwork I had. The night before had been spent tearing the house apart, one person yelling from upstairs, “Have you seen that red box with my important papers in it?” just to have the other respond, “I don’t know what box you’re talking about.  Do you know where that pile of papers is that I put under the kitchen chair?  That was our bank statements.”  I arrived in Anne’s serene office with a stack of papers, announcing, “I hope I have everything . . .”  And this is what I appreciate about Anne. 


Client Testimonials

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10121 SE Sunnyside Rd, St, Ste #300

Clackamas, OR 97015

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